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PRESS RELEASE: Fraudulent and Criminal Activity by Jeffrey Beall and Cabell's International (Cabell)



The employee of the University of Colorado Denver, Jeffrey Beall, is blackmailing small publishers. Predator Jeffrey Beall is asking $5,000 to take off small publishersí name from his blog /List. Predator Jeffrey Beall works with Cabell to get bribery from small publishers. If you do not pay him the bribe money of $5,000, Cabell (Thomson Reuters) takes the name of the small publisherís journal off from their list (White List) and state them under the black list. Please see Predator Jeffrey Beallís e-mail below.


This game is set-up by Cabell (Thomson Reuters) to make millions by selling their worthless Journalsí List (White List) to education institutions every year. Since criticism and legal cases has started against Jeffrey Beall and Cabell, Jeffrey Beall said that he cancelled his blog and his list. But predator Jeffrey Beall is still doing his predatory list under different name. He is also publishing his list (black List) under Cabellís name (Thomson Reuters). Predatory Jeffrey Beall is using different name and different e-mail address to get bribery from small publishers.


Last Minute News: If the journal/ journal publishers do not pay $5,000 to Predatory Jeffrey Beall and Predatory Cabell, Jeffrey Beal will put the name of the journal / journalís publisher on his ďpredatory listĒ ďpredatory journals". So they can make money. Predatory List is done by Predator Jeffrey Beall, Predatory Cabell company, and Beallís predatory partners. Predator Jeffrey Beall and Cabell makes millions from that list. Since many complaints and legal cases filed against to predator Jeffrey Beall, he had to close down his crook website/blog "". Now, predator Jeffrey Beall is doing his crook business without his name thru different website/blog (predatory Journals).

The same list is also published by the Cabellís. (crook company)


Thomson Reuters are still paying criminal Jeffrey Beall to do their dirty work. Cabell cannot sell their ďWhite ListĒ without having the black list (Predatory List). Cabell sells their ďwhite ListĒ (worthless List) to education institution for $3,000 to $4,000 annually.  Please see the details below:


Ashdin Publishing:

I was surprised when one of our editors told me that the name of Ashdin Publishing is found in the list of "Beall's List: Potential, possible, or probable predatory scholarly publishers. I was surprised because of the following reasons:


The author did not just mention the criteria for determining predatory open-access publishers, but he insisted on mentioning the full names and details of the publishers as well.


Some of these criteria, for determining predatory open-access publishers, can be applied on a huge number of publishers (include some of the large and famous ones), but he did not mention any of them.


Some of the publisherís names are removed from this list without saying the reasons for this removal.


After I received the e-mail from Jeffrey Beall asking $5,000, I am not any more surprised. Now, I am sure that the author, irrespective the good reasons he may has for preparing this list, wants to blackmail small publishers to pay him.


Mark Robinson (Acting Editor, Stanford Magazine):

It is a real shame that Jeffrey Beall using's blog to promote his predatory work. Jeffrey Beall just simply confusing us to promote his academic terrorism. His list is fully questionable. His surveying method is not scientific. If he is a real scientist then he must do everything in standard way without any dispute. He wanted to be famous but he does not have the right to destroy any company name or brand without proper allegation. If we support Jeffrey Beall's work then we are also a part of his criminal activity. Please avoid Jeffrey Beall's fraudulent and criminal activity.


Nowadays, anyone can open a blog and start doing things like Jeffrey Beall which is harmful for science and open access journals. Nature should also be very alert from Jeffrey Beall who is now using Nature's reputation to broadcast his bribery and unethical business model.



The predator Jeffrey Beall-Librarian- who has no PhD himself published scholarly comments on a biophysics review paper that was published by a senior PhD scientist from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). The predator Jeffrey Beall does everything to make money.


How does Jeffrey Beallís blackmailing scam work?

First, the blackmailer, Jeffrey Beall, puts your name / your organization name on his blog with a few criticisms which are not true. Then the blog owner, Jeffrey Beall, sends an e-mail to you under a false name, as if he is somebody else. He asks you to check the blog. When you check the blog, you see his phone number. Once you contact to him, he asks you to pay him $5,000 to take off your name / your organization name from his blog (Predatory List)


The predator Jeffrey Beall asks to a faculty member to criticize the journal Jeffrey Beall wants to get bribery from. Then Jeffrey Beall uses that criticism at his blog. Jeffrey Beall pays $450 to that faculty member for making that criticism. Those faculty members are criminal too.


If you do not pay Jeffrey Beall, then he asks to his crime partner, Mark J. Perry, the employee of the University of Michigan's Flint campus , (second blog owner) to put your name / organization name on his (his friendís) blog too. The first and the second blog owners know each other very well. Predator Jeffrey Beall give commission to second blog owner, the predator Mark J. Perry and other blog owners. They have been blackmailing small publishers for a long time. Second Predator, Mark J. Perry, the employee of the University of Michigan's Flint campus, has been blackmailing small publishers to make money (bribery money) for a long time.. Parents should NOT trust Mark J. Perry to teach classes to their children at the University of Michigan-Flint campus.


Criminal Jeffrey Beall and his criminal friends also attack your web site to change wording and links at your web site, then reports that to your supporters to discredit you and your web site.


If you still do not pay money to the first blog owner, predator Jeffrey Beall, then he makes up stories to attack to your supporters. Jeffrey Beall criticizes your organization under a false name as if somebody else doing the criticisms or he brings in another crime partner to criticize your organization. In other words, he is forcing you to make the payment. This is called organized crime.


One or two companies (Thomson Reuters Which owns Cabell) are trying to control the journal publication market for their own good. The criminal Jeffrey Beall does work for the Cabell too. Cabell makes itsí decision according to the criminal Jeffrey Beallís writings. Cabell makes over $10 million annually by selling itsí list to education institutions. If you do not pay $5,000, the bribe money to predator Jeffrey Beall, then Cabell takes the name of your publication off their list. That shows that Cabell and Jeffrey Beall work together to rip off small publishers and education institutions.


Cabellís List does not have any value. Cabell Publishing and criminal Jeffrey Beall fool the education institutions to pay them $3,000 to $4,000 annually for their list. A few people working in the Cabellís office does not have any kind of Doctoral degree and predator Jeffrey Beall does not have a Doctoral degree either, so how does the Cabell Publishing make the list which includes thousands of journals with a few employees working in their office in Texas? If you pay $5,000 to criminal Jeffrey Beall, the name of the publication will be on the Cabell List (White List), if not, the name of the publication will be taken off from Cabellís List. This is how the Cabell works.


How much do Cabell Publishing / Thomson Reuters pay criminal Jeffrey Beall to do their dirty work? Thomson Reuters / Cabell discriminate against nationalities / religion and tries to control the journal publication / conference market. Criminal Jeffrey Beall does their dirty work.


Predator Jeffrey Beall works full time at University of Colorado Denver. It is hard to understand how the predator Jeffrey Beall finds time to criticize more than 700 journals!!


The predator Jeffrey Beall was forced to close down his blog. He closed his original blog to continue his predator business under different name. It is our understanding that many people /companies started legal action against predator Jeffrey Beall and predator Cabell Publishing.




World Press




E-mail from Predator Jeffrey Beall to Ashdin Publishing asking for Bribery



-------- Original Message --------

Subject: Open Access Publishing

Date: Mon, 03 Dec 2012 17:39:18 +0000

From: Jeffrey Beall < >



I maintain list of predatory open access publishers in my blog

Your publisher name is also included in 2012 edition of my predatory open access publishers list. My recent article in Nature journal can be read below


Predatory publishers are corrupting open access : Nature News & Comment


I can consider re-evaluating your journals for 2013 edition of my list. It takes a lot my time and resources. The fee for re-evaluation of your publisher is USD 5000. If your publisher name is not in my list, it will increase trustworthiness to your journals and it will draw more article submissions. In case you like re-evaluation for your journals, you can contact me.



Jeffrey Beall